House of Rosemary

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The benefits of this package is to help eliminate the following:

Every now and then, life happens, and we need to reboot and give the body some TLC. We give our cars MOTs without fail, so why not our bodies?

This service includes:

60 minute consultation Looking at what your health needs right now and how we can help guide you there. We then look at how we can boost your energy levels so you’re no longer tired, in pain and having to take days off due to illness.

A nutritional assessment: We identify mineral deficiencies that may be contributing to the problem and look at ways to jazz up your eating habits and get you back on track to eating foods that are nourishing, energy boosting and pain-relieving.

As a bonus – Along with your herbs, we also include the supplements you need in your package so it saves you the hassle of looking for what to get. We make the step to better nutrition easy for you!

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Investment: £325