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After several years of being crippled by period pain, I knew there had got to be an easier and less dramatic way to experience what should be a beautiful & reflective time of the month. After agonising and waiting nervously each month for 3 days of pain, loose bowels and walking around like I’ve just been hit by a truck, I finally found the answer. It had been in front of me the whole time. Who knew what you eat, the environment you inhabit and even the thoughts that scroll through your mind can have such a major impact on your vitality!

I know that oftentimes conditions have a domino effect. Having fibroids may cause you to have heavy and painful periods, which in turn causes low energy and fatigue, which makes periods even more dreadful because you have little energy to help yourself. Hence why House of Rosemary was founded, to help women stop being knocked off track every month by something that should be a natural time for reflection and growth.

Herbal medicine has been a passion of mine, and I’ve always been particularly drawn to the power of simple remedies that can be put together in the kitchen to create effective results. After a few years of exploring natural remedies in the kitchen, my professional path to becoming a medical herbalist began in 2011 at CNM London. Shortly after I went on to study full time to become a herbalist and graduated from the University of Lincoln. After spending some time developing my business, I decided I wanted to finally delve into a profession I’ve long admired and broaden my clinical skills in Midwifery. I’m now thrilled to be studying again and expanding my knowledge and expertise in reproductive health. Herbs have traditionally gone hand in hand with birthing and it’s amazing to soon be able to add midwifery services to House of Rosemary.

I believe everything in life has a purpose. When you look outside your window and you witness nature happening, none of it is by accident. The butterflies, the plants & those weeds you overlook in your garden – yep, they each have a purpose. Plants have been put here for a reason, and like us, each created for a divine purpose.

With that in mind, I warmly welcome you to House of Rosemary. A space created for women to realise their wombs and everything that flows from it should be in line with nature, and should not be painful or burdensome. I look forward to supporting you on your personal journey to optimal health!

Rosemary Umolu

BSc, PGDip

Midwife | Medical Herbalist

‘I want my legacy to be that I helped as many women as possible own back their reproductive health!’



Our philosophy at HR is based on optimal health, education and empowerment. When you sit with a medical herbalist, it’s a chance to tell YOUR story, uninterrupted, which we believe is in itself part of the healing process. We value the knowledge of herbal medicine and truly believe with this knowledge, we can get back to a time when we had more ownership over what we consumed, how we treat our bodies and feel confident enough to make remedies in the kitchen for health and nourishment. If we know our bodies well and provide it with the tools it needs to endure, then we are better able to endure both physically and mentally.


To kick-start your journey to recovery and pain-free periods, we take a close look at your medical history, lifestyle, current stress levels, mental and emotional health, allergies and your health goals. The methods used used to bring about healing include a variation of:

specially formulated herbal elixirs, special tea infusions, decoctions, aromatic waters, topical remedies, supplements and a dietary approach.



Our goal is educating women on how to optimally care for their reproductive health. We want to spread the message that period pain is not the norm. By enriching you with the knowledge and confidence to take charge of your health, you can get to live a life of vibrancy. We’re passionate about helping you achieve an outcome where you’re not relying on drugs unnecessarily, but understanding how to heal and support the body and mind, naturally.


Vitality MOT

The benefits of this package is to help eliminate the Period pains Migraines, Tiredness, Anxiety, Irritability, Bloating/Digestive issues, Poor sleep & PMS

Nourish & Restore Luxury Package

This package is specifically designed to help you get long term relief from period pain. I like to start by asking my clients this simple question...