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Period pains

Period pain is the number 1 reason why girls and women under 30 are absent from school and the workplace. That’s a big deal! So let me first of all congratulate you on making the decision to better your health!

If you’re here, chances are you’ve been searching for natural solutions to deal with the discomfort and the poor quality of life period pain is costing you.

Perhaps you’ve gone down various routes; going from one specialist to another and trying different orthodox medicines that just didn’t cut it. And now you find yourself irritated, misunderstood and in desperate need of an effective solution to address the problem, once and for all.

You’re ready and committed to a path of healing that gets right to the root of your pain. No messing around with just hiding the symptoms. You’re after a therapy that works and helps put other aspects of your health in check!

My name is Rosemary.

I’m a medical herbalist passionate about helping women overcome the misery and pain associated with period pains that may be caused by endometriosis, fibroids and PCOS, so you can live with energy and vitality!


Vitality MOT

The benefits of this package is to help eliminate the Period pains Migraines, Tiredness, Anxiety, Irritability, Bloating/Digestive issues, Poor sleep & PMS

Nourish & Restore Luxury Package

This package is specifically designed to help you get long term relief from period pain. I like to start by asking my clients this simple question...

Client love

Destiny Malcolm

My journey of healing has been amazing since working with Rosemary. I am not surprised, since I had faith that her support would carry through in my own daily routines. She gave me more than just the herbs and supplements, but lifestyle support and I was able to see that even if there were months that my pain was still bad, I knew I could assess what I had been through prior, and make some changes. My period pain had gone from a 12/10 to 4/10 in just 4 months, and a year or so after, I have periods that are non painful at all sometimes. It’s truly been life changing.

Rosemary’s herbal remedies work wonders. Not only did they reduce my severe PMT symptoms to virtually non existent some months they also helped significantly reduce pain. 

Moreover Rosemary is caring and compassionate and will really look at tailoring the solution to your needs.

Hayley Felton

Kate Newby

My initial consultation with Rosemary was such an eye opener and left me feeling really emotional- The detrimental effects that my period was having on mine and my families lives finally hit home and up until this point I just thought having horrid periods would forever be a part of my life. I remember saying I felt like a super hero with no powers when I was menstruating!

A ‘normal’ period for me Lasted between 7-10 days. Many of those were heavy to the point I’d have to change a nighttime sanitary pad every hour, I’d pass Large thick dark heavy clots, I’d have excruciating pain- so bad it felt my knees would go and I’d feel faint. Not to mention migraines that added to me not being able to function- which I’ve struggled with for over 15 years. The strongest painkillers wouldn’t help my period pains or migraines so for years when I was menstruating I knew I couldn’t do anything- I could just about function let alone go out with the family, go to work or be with friends.

I was always so stressed thinking when I was out I would leak through my clothes which happened countless times and almost always through the night.

I’ve suffered like this since for about 18 years- in that time I’ve had 2 operations to check for fibroids and endometriosis and neither operation helped and was told my only operation is to go on hormonal contraception.

I cannot even begin to tell you how seeing Rosemary has changed our lives! I say our and not just mine because my children and husband have seen and felt such a change. Within the first month I noticed I didn’t have any migraines. Every month my periods improved and the migraines stayed away. Now I bleed for about 5 days- 3 of which are very light and with only 1 of these being one where I experience pain ( although this may be due to my food choices which is another massive thing Rosemary has taught me and I can literally correlate my pain with the chocolate/crisps and snacks I’ve reached for)

I was on my period on my birthday weekend and I was actually was able to go out for the whole weekend with the family! The clots are minimal and don’t make me feel faint when they pass- they are tiny. The last period I had I couldn’t even feel I was on, I literally kept running to the toilet to check.

I can also see a massive difference in my skin- minimal breakouts when I’m on and there’s a glow I had lost that I now have back

I used to feel so depressed at the thought of my period coming and that anxiety and worry has totally been listed.

Rosemary has such a gift and I’m so glad I have such an amazing herbalist in my life who I am forever grateful for.

I was feeling rundown and very depleted. I lacked energy and I was having feelings of dizziness. I decided to fly to the UK to receive treatment from Rosemary.  I completed a 45 minute assessment which consisted of my health concerns, diet, and lifestyle. Rosemary prescribed me home made remedies and gave me dietary instructions which I followed meticulously. The results were astonishing, within a week I started to feel better. I praise the Most High I was guided to the right person.

Michelle Myers

Olga Huxoll

Rosemary has a wealth of knowledge about herbs and how to use them to achieve optimum health. What I loved about working with Rosemary was that she had a systematic and holistic approach to health. She had a specific process she followed to figure out where the problem may be coming from and how to resolve it. But what I think is even more important is that she wasn’t just solving for an isolated health issue but looked at my body as one system where everything was interconnected. I loved working with Rosemary and I look forward to learning more from her about the power of herbs.

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